The components of the compound feed (fats, fat-soluble vitamins, carotene, etc.) can be easily exposed to the oxygen, light, and high humidity. As a result, toxic substances are generated and accumulated, such as ketones, aldehydes, peroxides, free acids.

All this leads to the destruction of vitamins, deterioration of the quality of the feed and decrease in its nutritional value.

Feeding animals with feeds containing high level of fat breakdown products can result in violation of blood biochemical parameters and metabolism, which subsequently leads to the development of pathological processes in the internal organs, stunted growth and underdevelopment.

Feeds can be well protected from oxidation by using the appropriate combination of antioxidants.

The product line Loxidan offers the optimal range of antioxidants for any type of feed and application method.


Active substance:

  • butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) — 38–42%;
  • citric acid — 6–12%;
  • propyl gallate — 2.7–4.7%.


  • rosemary extract — 0.1–0.5%.

Fillers: silicic acid (precipitated and dried) — 23–27% and sodium tetrapyrophosphate up to 100%.

Application instruction


Active substance:

  • ethoxyquin — 25–30%;
  • propyl gallate — 7–10%.


  • silicon dioxide — 18–22%;
  • citric acid — 17–19%.

Filler: tetrasodium salt of diphosphoric acid up to 100%.

Application instruction