The composition of grass blends for cutting may include the following crops:

  • pasture ryegrass;
  • common timothy;
  • meadow fescue;
  • red fescue;
  • reed fescue;
  • red fescue filiform;
  • red fescue modified;
  • sheep's fescue grass;
  • white clover;
  • colonial bent grass, metropolitan bent, giant bent.

Lakrua LLC offers lawn grass blends for all soil types and different uses for the customers in the Republic of Belarus.

We sell a wide range of the grasses: from the proven and infallible universal formulations grass blends that are suitable for all types of soil for sowing in summer cottages lawns, on lawns of urban settlement, near private houses, in rural gardens and recreation areas, to the elite lawn mixes with outstanding decorative qualities that create a uniform dark green turf with an attractive leaf cut.