Since we started working in the Belarusian market in 2001, we have gained a reputation as a reliable partner offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

We closely follow the global trends in the science of animal nutrition and health, and introduce modern technologies to achieve higher performance by our clients.

We always have in stock a wide range of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and feed additives for the production of premixes and compound feedstuff.

Being the major trader of all the raw materials for the production of vitamin-mineral mixtures and concentrates in the Republic of Belarus, we can always offer our products in a short time at the best price.

We will be happy to share our knowledge with you for your production optimization

Bikers and "LAKRUA" delighted children from the Ulukovsk boarding school

Children with developmental disabilities who live in the Ulukovsk auxiliary boarding school received a pleasant surprise from bikers from the Minsk Chapter Belarus club, HOG and the LAKRUA company.

"LAKRUA" does not only successfully develop business, but also actively participates in charity. It has been supporting the Ulukovsky boarding school for several years, purchasing and delivering everything necessary for the education and development of children. LAKRUA recently spent about 100 000 rubles on computers, furniture, gaming equipment and other useful things.

The boarding school in Ulukovye is one of the institutions in Belarus where children with special needs study and live. Qualified specialists work here to help children adapt to life in society and develop their abilities.

Helping children with special needs is one of the priority areas of social responsibility of the biker club Minsk Chapter Belarus, HOG and the company "LAKRUA".

Bikers from the club Minsk Chapter Belarus, HOG came to school on their beautiful Harley-Davidson motorcycles and arranged a real holiday for the children.

A great gift for children was a game entertainment program organized by club members, during which children were able to participate in an exciting quest game, ride inflatable slides, jump on trampolines, eat ice cream and get many more surprises, the main of which is riding the famous Harleys and photos with "real bikers".

Yuriy Kurkul, the director of LAKRUA, who is himself a biker and a member of the Minsk Chapter Belarus, HOG club, noted that for him and his colleagues there is nothing more important than the joy of children. He expressed the hope that such actions will contribute to the development of good relations between people and improve the quality of life of children with special needs.


  • We produce standard premixes and complex multicomponent vitamin-mineral mixtures according to the individual recipes. We help to implement and adapt such premixes to the conditions of your production for its maximum efficiency.
  • We analyze the available raw materials in the laboratories of our partners to adapt the products to the raw material base of the customers.
  • We compose low-protein diets using the concept of ideal protein and genetic characteristics of livestock PIC, DanBred, Aviagen, ISA (Hendrix Genetics Company), Babcock, Hisex etc.
  • We use materials from reliable manufacturers and carry out a thorough entrance control


  • We are the largest supplier to the Republic of Belarus of amino acids (methionine, lysine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, isoleucine, arginine), vitamins and other feed additives for the production of premixes, concentrates and compound feeds.
  • We were the first company to start selling threonine, tryptophan, valine, isoleucine and arginine in Belarus
  • A wide range of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and feed additives from leading global manufacturers is always available in our warehouse and is being constantly expanded.
  • We use innovative feed additives that help achieve a better production performance and lower production costs.
  • We were the first in Belarus to start applying the concept of low-protein diets allowing to reduce feed consumption, increase weight gain and improve meat quality


  • We focus on the perennial and annual leguminous herbs and grass mixtures.
  •  We are the major supplier of the alfalfa of the European (Italy, Germany, Denmark) and Russian breeding to the Republic of Belarus.
  • The cereals and cruciferous crops, pasture and mowing grass mixtures, as well as the lawn grasses are widely represented in the assortment of seeds we offer.
  • We own a production site for cleaning, sorting, mixing and packaging of seeds. 
  • We supply seeds to our customers, located in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Canada, Russia, and other countries


Our company offers the products of the world’s largest producers of amino acids, vitamins and other feed additives in the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation.

Our customers in the Republic of Belarus are almost all the leading agricultural enterprises of the country, including all the largest poultry farms and premix plants.

We greatly value our partners and try to provide the highest possible level of service.


We have been working in the feed additives market for a long time and have a reputation as a reliable partner who always fulfills its obligations. We maintain trusting and friendly relations with all the partners with whom we have worked in the past and are currently working. If mutual business interests arise, we are always ready to resume cooperation.

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