Lakrua LLC produces premixes and feed concentrates for pig-breeding complexes, poultry farms, and cattle farms, situated on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation.

Lakrua LLC is using the production sites of the three large Belarussian enterprises: JSC “Lidakhleboproduct”, branch of the JSC “Agrokombinat «Dzerzhinskiy»”, “Negorelskiy combine of bread products”, JSC “Polotsk combine of bread products”.

Using three production sites allows us to provide uninterrupted supply and optimal logistics to our customers.


The technical specialists of Lakrua LLC formulate complex multi-component recipes and nutritional programs for the full production cycle of growing farm animals and poultry.

When developing the recipes, the company's specialists apply modern knowledge, experience and recommendations of the world leaders in animal husbandry and poultry farming.


Lakrua LLC is an official dealer of the world's largest manufacturers of vitamin-mineral components.

We always have in stock all the necessary raw materials for the production of premixes, therefore we can offer the full range of high-quality vitamin-mineral concentrates in the shortest time at the most favorable price regardless the difficulties arising in world markets.


Our specialists are always ready to share their knowledge, to assist in developing cost-effective feeding programs, taking into account the individual needs of each client.

We help our customers to find the optimal nutritional program, based on the analysis of the raw material's base and the genetic characteristics of the livestock.

We help to assess the effectiveness of veterinary and zootechnical measures, the productivity and safety of livestock, as well as timely conduct a full analysis and adjustment of nutritional programs depending on changes in the raw material's base.