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The joy of children is most precious!

Our company continues to help people. A lot has been done. We want to share with you the most significant event for us this year.

The biker of Minsk Chapter Belarus Club, HOG, including the director of our company Kurkul Yuri Stanislavovich, have a wonderful tradition: every year to give a holiday to children, pupils of the State Educational Institution "Ulukovskaya Auxiliary Boarding School" for children with developmental disabilities.

Here is what the Belarusian Telegraph Agency BELTA writes about this event:



Translation of the Article

Ride on a «Harley»: bikers gave a holiday to the children of a boarding school in the Gomel region.

May 28, Gomel.

A real holiday was presented to the children of the State Educational Institution "Ulukovskaya Auxiliary Boarding School» in the Gomel region by the members of the Minsk Chapter Belarus Club, Hog. This was reported to BelTA.

Before Children's Day, “Ulukovskaya Auxiliary Boarding School» was visited by guests who have patronized the institution for five years. During the motor race Minsk - Gomel - Minsk, the participants of the Minsk Chapter Belarus Club, Hog visited the chidren who are always looking forward to their arrival.

In the “Ulukovskaya Auxiliary Boarding School», they work with children with a developmental disabilities. Here, 120 children with special needs of psychophysical development study and live, of which 72 pupils are orphans or children left without parental care, and they permanently live in an educational institution.

The club is trying to support the staff of the institution and the children, improve the living conditions and living conditions of pupils who need special care and attention. Bikers give important and necessary gifts to the school every year. This time also selected the right things. So, furniture and blinds were transferred to the living rooms of the pupils. Also in honor of the first anniversary - the fifth meeting - one of the members of the club established a special gift. We are talking about the acquisition of modern computer equipment and chairs for a computer class. Also, new beds, sofas, chairs, etc. will be installed in the children's rooms. Renovation of the playrooms is also planned. Total purchases of goods is around 100 000 Belarusian rubles.

"All this will significantly improve the living conditions of the pupils of the boarding school left without parental warmth. The acquisition and installation of the main part of the equipment is planned today," the institution said.

The happiness of the children knew no bounds when they were offered to ride the famous Harleys and take pictures with real bikers.

In gratitude, the pupils of the boarding school prepared a concert for the guests.

We are glad that our company LLC "Lakrua" was able to take part in the initiative of the Minsk Chapter Belarus Club, HOG.

We purchased equipment for a computer class and furniture for the State Educational Institution "Ulukovskaya Auxiliary Boarding School" for children with developmental disabilities in the amount of 100 854.47 Belarusian rubles.

The emotions of children who received ten new modern computers cannot be conveyed. In an informal letter, the director of the boarding school also expressed special gratitude to the director of LLC lakrua Kurkul Yuriy:

“Yuri, thank you very much. Today, gratitude to you, a new computer class has appeared in our boarding school!!!! 10 computers!!! New and modern!! We can learn and play on them - such cool computers!!!!! With speakers, headphones and microphones!!!!! Super! Our children have never dreamed about such things.

Actually, they were dreaming. And their dreams have come true, thanks to you, Yuri, and the biker club!! Huge thanks to all!!! Our children “just beeping” with pleasure. Such emotions!!!

And also, thanks to you, new furniture has appeared in the 10th grade playroom today! It was .... very humble. And now it’s new, modern, comfortable, with a large table where the children will do their homework together, draw, etc. Very cool!!!! Thank you so much from all the kids in our school! For the care and such expensive gifts!!!”

Our support to doctors and patients with severe pneumonia and COVID-19

On April 23, 2020, Lakrua donated a HAMILTON-C3 ventilator worth $ 62,786 to the Intensive Care Unit of the 6th Clinical Hospital in Minsk for treatment of the patients with COVID-19. In these difficult times for society, our company could not stand aside. Like many others, we do our best to help people.
COVID-19 affects the lungs in about 20% of cases, and patients can quickly develop severe illness that features pneumonia and respiratory failure.
Such patients need to be ventilated to maintain high oxygen levels until their lungs can function in a normal way again as they recover.
An increased number of patients who need to be ventilated at the same time became a real challenge for the healthcare system in many countries.
Having more ventilators in a hospital can increase the chance of saving every patient who needs respiratory support.

We believe that our help can save someone's life.

After a relative lull that occurred in most countries in July-August, by mid-to-late September, the statistics of new cases of COVID-19 infection again rushed dangerously upward - and soon surpassed the peak spring rates.

Our company continues to support healthcare organizations at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

LLC "Lakrua" has purchased and supplied to the 3rd City Clinical Hospital named after E.V. Klumov   medical equipment:

  • blood pressure monitors MICROLIFE;
  • syringe pumps DSh-09;
  • electrocardiograph SMART.

Letter from the 3rd City Clinical Hospital named after E.V. Klumov


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  • We compose low-protein diets using the concept of ideal protein and genetic characteristics of livestock PIC, DanBred, Aviagen, ISA (Hendrix Genetics Company), Babcock, Hisex etc.
  • We use materials from reliable manufacturers and carry out a thorough entrance control


  • We are the largest supplier to the Republic of Belarus of amino acids (methionine, lysine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, isoleucine, arginine), vitamins and other feed additives for the production of premixes, concentrates and compound feeds.
  • We were the first company to start selling threonine, tryptophan, valine, isoleucine and arginine in Belarus
  • A wide range of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and feed additives from leading global manufacturers is always available in our warehouse and is being constantly expanded.
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  • We focus on the perennial and annual leguminous herbs and grass mixtures.
  •  We are the major supplier of the alfalfa of the European (Germany, Denmark Italy) and Russian breeding to the Republic of Belarus.
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  • We own a production site for cleaning, sorting, mixing and packaging of seeds. 
  • We supply seeds to our customers, located in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Canada, Russia, and other countries


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